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Welcome to Zero Daedalus

Zero Daedalus • Web Design & Consulting Services

In the vast digital universe, your online presence is your spacecraft, navigating through the endless possibilities of the internet. Consider ZeroDae your expert co-pilot, guiding you through the cosmos of web design and development with precision and creativity.

With a blend of technical prowess and artistic finesse, we breathe life into your vision, transforming pixels into experiences. But our journey doesn’t end with launch – we’re committed to your success, offering ongoing support and strategic insights to fuel your ascent.

Ready to embark on a digital odyssey like no other? Let’s embark together. Welcome aboard Zero Daedalus, where we empower small business, one website at a time.

Rocket Blasting Through the Stars

Services Offered

* Website Design & Development

We build websites that are as slick as they are functional. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need a serious upgrade, count on us to bring your digital vision to life.

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get ready to climb the Google ladder. Using SEO wizardry, we will sprinkle magic keywords and strategic tactics to get your site noticed by all the right people.

* E-commerce Solutions

Turn window shoppers into loyal customers with our e-commerce expertise. We can whip up a digital storefront that’s not just pretty but also a selling machine.

* Content Marketing

We’re not just about pretty pixels – we keep wordsmiths on retainer. Let us weave captivating stories and craft killer content to keep your audience hooked and coming back for more.

* Digital Strategy

Think of us as your digital sherpa, guiding you through the wilds of the internet. We’ll help you map out a plan that’s as smart as it is effective, so you can conquer the online world with confidence.

* Maintenance & Support

We’ve got your back, even after the confetti has settled. From software updates to security patches, we’ll keep your website running smoother than a well-oiled machine. So you can focus on what you do best – while we handle the tech stuff.

Want to learn more about our services?

About Me

Hey there, digital wanderer!

Photo of Dewitt Buckingham III

I’m Dewitt Buckingham, the brains (and caffeine-fueled code wizard) behind this operation. With a love for all things web-related and enough coding know-how to make your browser blush, I’ve been tinkering with websites since the days of dial-up (seriously).

But more than just a web geek, I’m a passionate advocate for small businesses and freelancers like yourself. I’ve seen firsthand the power of a killer website—how it can elevate your brand, boost your business, and turn curious clickers into loyal customers.

Years and years of navigating the web cosmos has left me with a network of collaborators that stretches far and wide. These creative geniuses and digital daredevils are my secret weapon, bringing their A-game to every project.

So whether you’re a solopreneur with big dreams or a small business ready to take on the digital world, I’m here to be your trusty sidekick. Let’s embark on this digital adventure together, shall we?

Past Work

I’ve been designing websites for 15+ years. Portfolio includes freelance work done for past/present clients or side projects.

Mmm, Yes, Quite

Mmm, Yes, Quite Website

  • Ecommerce • Design/Development • Digital Marketing (Newsletter)

Nerdy clothing boutique delivering fun, geeky clothing to the masses.

His R.A.F.T.

His R.A.F.T. Website

  • Design/Development • Search Engine Optimization • Maintenance & Support

Nonprofit providing free food and services for the underfed population in California’s Central Valley.

Neologic Studios

Neologic Website

  • Maintenance & Support • Design/Development • Digital Strategy

Professional consultants in audio engineering and multimedia consulting services.


Let’s get in touch!

 (209) 740 9063

Business Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 10am - 7pm
  • Saturday: 11am - 5pm