What’s the difference between a web designer and a web developer? Where does a web consultant fit in?

A web designer is someone who plans and sketches out the overall appearance and layout of a website. Beyond aesthetics and functionality, the designer is usually concerned with the user’s overall experience and how effectively the website fulfills its purpose.

A web developer is usually a programmer who takes the plans from the designer and turns them into functional websites on servers. There can be front-end developers (specializing in code run by your web browser) and back-end developers (specializing in code run by the web server).

There are many related disciplines to each but in general, these are the two key roles involved in building a website. However, when the average person wants to build a website, there is another crucial role that they should be aware of.

A web consultant is a tech expert who provides professional services and advice to help you establish an online presence and grow your business. They usually have experience in at least one of the disciplines listed above, but also access to designers, developers, and other professionals they can hire to ensure the best results possible.

Whereas designers and developers tend to work on a per-project basis—for a limited amount of time until the project is done—a web consultant is usually a long-term collaborator. They’ll build your website while providing the tools and services to maintain and boost its effectiveness over time.

(TL;DR) If you’re a business owner or just looking to build a website, consider contacting a web consultant. They can accomplish the work of a designer or developer, and much more. If you’re not sure how to find a web consultant, well, I know a guy.